Medical Pictures and Conditions
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Please be advised that some of the following photographs are
graphic and may not be suitable for some people.

Severe Dental Disease right before and after an
ultrasonic dental cleaning (prior to extractions).  
The severe root exposure was not completely seen
when the teeth are covered in tartar.
This is a uterus that is full of pus (pyometra).  This
female dog was not spayed when younger and
developed a life threatening infection in her
uterus.  The  treatment is to do a spay surgery,
but it is high risk and some dogs do not survive
this disease.  The risks are much lower to spay a
younger dog, preferably before she has a heat
cycle or puppies.  It can also happen in cats that
are not spayed.
Before and After Surgery
(It was located on inside of the
Pre and Post Op
Vulvoplasty ("Tootie Tuck")
This surgery is done to correct
inverted/hooded vulvas in
female dogs.
Intra-op photos of gastrointestinal foreign
body removal surgeries
First photo is from a dog that ate a large
amount of carpet.
The second photo is likely a string foreign
The third photo is a kitten that ate a coiled
plastic key ring
This mite is the culprit behind
sarcoptic mange.  The view here is
through a microscope and the 2
round objects at 3 and 9 o'clock are
the mites.
This is an enlarged spleen
due to a malignant cancer.  It
is approximately 10 times
larger than the average spleen.
This poor pitbull tangled with a
porcupine and didn't come out
on the winning end.