Heartworm Prevention and Flea/Tick Control:
What are my options?
We want to help our clients protect their pets from the many
parasites and diseases found in our environment.

Each animal/family has its own individual needs when it comes to
preventative medicine, be it the dog that only goes outside to go
to the bathroom or the cat the spends all day hunting critters.  
Hopefully, we can provide some basic information about the
products we recommend and then are able to help you tailor what
is best for your family.
First, we will discuss heartworm disease.  This is a very important
subject right now because due to drug shortages, we
can only
your pet from getting this parasite.  If your dog is infected
with heartworm (positive on a test), there is no treatment available
on the market.  
Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and is only detected in a
blood test, which is done on dogs once a year.  
Cats can get heartworm, but it is not common and there is not a
reliable test or treatment for it.
Intestinal parasites (most commonly, roundworms, hookworms,
tapeworms, whipworms, and coccidia) are found in a fecal sample,
which is why we also require a yearly sample of feces.
(HW=heartworm, RW=roundworm, hook=hookworm,WW=whipworm)


Drug                                  Parasites Prevented                           Website

Heartgard Plus                    HW, RW, Hook                          www.heartgard.com    

Triheart Plus                         HW, RW, Hook                          

Trifexis                             HW, RW, Hook, WW,                   
                                   adult fleas   

Revolution                   HW, ear mites, sarcoptic                
(topical,                      mange, fleas (adult and
special order)              eggs)

Revolution                   HW, ear mites, hook, RW,               www.revolutionpet.com
(topical,                         fleas (adults and eggs)
in stock)        
Next, there are the different options for flea and tick prevention.
Fleas can be a very difficult parasite to treat and control,
especially when they infest your house.  It is best to try and
prevent them before they even make it inside.  It is very
important that all animals be treated for fleas monthly, even
that outside cat that never comes inside.
If your house becomes overrun with fleas, all the pets in the
house need to be treated for fleas for a minimum of 3 months in
a row and the house will need to be treated at least once.  If
you feel overwhelmed, please call us for advice.
Ticks are difficult to control because in this area, they are
extremely prevalent.  Thankfully, the ticks in this area do not
infest your house, but they do carry many serious diseases that
can spread to humans.
There are now so many options to help prevent these external
(Fleas=adult flea, Eggs=prevents flea eggs from hatching)

Drug                   Species             Parasites Prevented               Website

Frontline Plus       dog/cat         Fleas, Eggs, Ticks, Lice             www.frontline.com

Advantage II          cat                 Fleas, Eggs, Larvae            Click here
(not available in dog
in our clinic)    

Advantix II            dog              Repels and kills
fleas/tick                                                                              Repels
mosquitos and           
Click here
                                              biting flies
                                           Eggs and Larvae

Comfortis              dog                      Fleas                   
(monthly pill)

Capstar               dog/cat                  Fleas                   
(quick kill pill)

Scalibor Collar        dog                 Fleas/Ticks             
(lasts 6 months)

Revolution           dog/cat                Fleas/Eggs             

Breakaway Plus      cat                 Fleas/Ticks/Eggs        www.vet-kem.com
(lasts 6 months)

Preventic collar       dog                     Ticks                   
Click here

Siphotrol Plus II    house             Fleas/Eggs/Ticks         www.vet-kem.com
house spray

Certifect                dog             Fleas/Eggs/Ticks/Lice     

EasySpot                cat                Fleas/Ticks/Lice          www.easyspotpet.com