Starting August 4, 2011, the heartworm disease
treatment, Immiticide, is going to be completely
unavailable for at least several weeks to months.  This
is the only FDA approved treatment for this fatal
disease.  It is an injectable medication that is given in
2-3 doses to kill the parasites living in the circulatory
system (heart) of affected dogs*.

Due to the outage, the doctors at Battenkill Veterinary
are urging our clients to protect their animals against
heartworm disease with preventative medication.  If
used properly, heartworm preventative will protect
your pet from being infected by the parasite (which is
carried by mosquitoes).  If your dog doesn't contract
the disease, then we will not need to worry about
trying to stabilize your pet while hoping that the drug
becomes available again.

There is no reason to put your pet at risk for death
when affordable preventative medications are
available.  We have had several heartworm positive
tests this year for dogs who live solely in our area, in
addition to all the dogs coming from the south as
rescues that can/do carry it.

We offer multiple brands of heartworm preventative for
dogs and cats, such as Heartgard, Revolution,
Interceptor, Sentinel, and Triheart.  It is a prescription
product, so we do require an up-to-date exam and
heartworm test.  Heartworm medication will provide
protection against multiple intestinal worms too.

The mosquitoes are out with the warm weather and
can be seen in cooler times, so don't let them infect
your pet with a fatal, and at this time, impossible to
treat disease!

*Immiticide is only labeled for use in dogs.  There is
currently no treatment for heartworm in cats, but there
is a test now available at our hospital.