We are happy to introduce our page dedicated to
pictures our clients have sent to us of their
wonderful pets!
Client and Patient
Photo Gallery
Madeline "Mad Dog", owned by
mom Mery, enjoys her life on a farm
with all the animals and her time
spent resting.  She is currently
training to be an assistant for
people with disabilities, so we are
proud to have her as a patient!
Both Drake (left) and Dillon (below)
have passed over the Rainbow
Bridge.  They were great dogs and
will be greatly missed.
Bear and his
owner, enjoying a
beautiful day
Pictures in memory of Loyal
She was a beautiful, good natured calico
kitty who would spend many a winter here
boarding with her "boyfriend" Trevor.  She
was taken from us too soon because of
kidney failure.
Chug-A-Lug really likes to be the
tallest dog in the bunch, even among
the humans!  And he's only 1-1/2
years old in this picture!
This is Miss Ella and she's a Great
Dane puppy.  She's only 3 months
old here and you can see she's
already over 30lbs!  She'll probably
get just as tall as Chug-A-Lug :)
Miss Angel at 2 days old and
at 8 weeks old

She is a Morkie, which is the
result of mating a Maltese
and a Yorkie.