Client Education and Helpful Links
Normal Temperature:   
100.0 F - 102.0 F
Length of Pregnancy:
58-68 days

Normal Heart Rate Range:
60-160 beats/minute

Respiratory Rate:
10-30 breaths/minute

Length of Pregnancy:
60-65 days

Normal Heart Rate:
110-200 beats/minute

Respiratory Rate:  
20-30 breaths/minute
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Veterinary Partner is a veterinarian based client
education website.  It has very helpful information
on a wide-range of veterinary related subjects.
Click here for basic veterinary
information about everything from
vaccinations, to travelling with your pet,
to fun activities for the kids! is an informational
page run by Purina Food
companies.  It correlates veterinary
medicine with nutrition and diet.
Tips on how to bring your cat
to the Veterinarian's office