Arthritis in Dogs
Is Max trying to tell you that
he's in pain?
Canine Arthritis: The Signs and Symptoms

Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell their owners if and where they hurt. So
it can be difficult to know when your dog is in pain. However, we do
know that the physiological mechanism of pain perception is
common to both humans and animals, so follow this simple
guideline: if you think a health problem would cause you discomfort,
you can assume it will do the same to your dog.

Dogs display a wide variety of responses to pain:

They may be violent and vocalize – or be quiet, withdrawn and

They may be aggressive when approached, as they try to protect
themselves from further pain, or they may be subdued or withdrawn.

Their ears may lie flat against their head.

They may lick the affected area.

The key is to look for a change in your dog’s behavior. Because
arthritis is a progressive condition that manifests itself over time,
the signs of pain become more apparent as the condition becomes
more severe.
It is important to observe dogs closely for the signs of arthritis,

Decreased activity

Reluctance to walk, run, climb stairs, jump or play



Difficulty rising from a resting position

Lagging behind on walks

Soreness when touched

Yelping or whimpering in pain

Acting aggressive or withdrawn

Exhibiting other personality changes

If you notice any of these changes, schedule an appointment to
come see one of our veterinarians. The sooner the condition is
recognized, the sooner your pet will feel less pain and become
active again.
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Rimadyl product
Diagnosis of arthritis is done through a complete
physical exam, blood tests ruling out tickborne
disease, and xrays.  Occasionally, additional
diagnostic tests have to be done if any abnormalities
are found.

Battenkill Veterinary carries many treatment options
for arthritis.  Some of our natural supplements
include Phycox, Glycoflex, Flex 2500, Synovi-G3, and
Dasuquin.  Prescription products include Adequan
injections, Rimadyl, Metacam, and Deramaxx.
The natural supplements can be found in our clinic
and on our
website pharmacy.  The other
medications must first be prescribed by one of our