Photo Tour of our Hospital
The entrance to our parking
lot and building
Reception Desk
Waiting Room
Diet/Products for Sale
On the left, is our main treatment and surgical prep area.  

The photo to the right is our surgical suite.

The photo below is an example of our surgical cages for cats and
small dogs.  There are runs (inside and outside) for the larger dogs
and for smaller dogs to get exercise.
This is our euthanasia comfort room.  It is on
our lower level with a private parking area and
entrance.  This room is used for families to
spend time with their pets before, during, and
after their final visit.  
This room can be requested at the time you
call to schedule the appointment or you can
choose this option at any time.  It is a service
we provide to help our clients and patients
during a difficult time.
Our tropical themed digital
X-ray suite.Now X-rays will
be developed immediately
with less impact on the
environment (no chemical
processing of film).
Our 3 exam rooms
Middle room has a
hydraulic lift table/scale
diagnose multiple
diseases through
abdominal ultrasound
(belly) and
echocardiograms (heart)